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Protective coatings

by miamigardens

These coatings are made in order to protect the structure or premises from moisture penetration, aggressive media or temperatures. This work is carried out, as a rule, after the construction of the supporting frame of the building. Coatings:

1) roof. Roofing structures are necessary to protect structures from precipitation and overheating. Fundamentally, the roofs are divided into two types: pitched and flat. The basis of a flat roof is a multi -layer structure, which is laid up on the floor slabs. Rall roofs are arranged on the principle of a rafter frame. Also, a large number of modern pitched roofs are made of metal tiles and galvanized steel. Now very often they began to buy stairs in St. Petersburg, there they are high -quality and besides, inexpensive huge selection is provided to you. Now, when choosing a coating, it should be checked so that the expiration date is in order.

2) vapor barrier. Thanks to vapor barrier, metal structures are protected. For example, during a roof device, a vapor barrier film is placed between the upper tier and insulation. This does not allow a couple to penetrate from the premises into the insulation itself, where it can be condensed and, as a result, lower the thermal insulation properties of the material.

3) thermal protection. Protection of the premises from extreme temperature changes. Performance occurs in parallel with the construction of houses of the house.


4) anti -corrosion protection. It is known that the metal is subject to corrosion. Therefore, to protect them from contact with air, paints or various primers with protective compositions are used. It is also allowed to use chemical treatment.

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