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If you need a cheap bath

by miamigardens

If you need a cheap bath, then you need to order turnkey transportation baths. This is one of the cheapest options for those who decided to install a bathhouse on their site, putting a minimum amount of money into this structure.

Any specialist will tell you that for a real Russian bath experience, you need to build a traditional Russian bathhouse with a traditional Russian steam room. However, the difference between budgetary modern baths and traditional expensive baths today will not feel far from everyone. If you feel good in ordinary saunas in water parks or fitness centers, then you do not need to invest a lot of money in the arrangement of original authentic paired. Almost any bathhouse in which the climate (temperature and humidity) is suitable for you will suit you.

Cheaper than a cheap traditional bath (even a cheap log house) is a ready -made transport bathhouse. It is invented not only for those who cannot afford a slightly more expensive traditional construction. Turnkey transportation bath is an option that is much more convenient and easier to install on the site than any other option. It reduces the costs of maintaining the Builders brigade and the time that takes the work on the assembly. In addition, since the baths are collected in advance according to a clear scheme and plan, they guarantee the owners the lack of unpleasant surprises. "Turnkey" means that you will be given what was prescribed in the contract. If it is found (although this happens extremely rarely) some kind of flaw, then the builders will either replace the structure or fix it at their own expense. Buying a bathhouse is like buying equipment in a store – you have a guarantee for all its components.

Mobile Transfer Bath is also different in that it is compact. This is a big plus for small plots and cottages.


The construction of this type is similar to a change house, however, it is not worth considering that the carrier bath is a temporary structure. In fact, a well -built and equipped bath (any type) will serve you for a very long time.

Transfer baths are distinguished by an exterior that resembles a change house, a barn and a construction of the type of contemporary (combining several styles, including modern). Simple designs are due to the fact that simple design is cheaper. This reduces the cost of the customer, but you can design a transmitted bath in any way. In Europe and in the West, for example, they sell mobile baths that look like barrels or small cubic buildings made of wood with terraces. Mobile baths are most common in the Russian market, which resemble visually by cabins or small sheds. Russian mobile baths are traditionally equipped with a premises, which is called a basic (in front of the steam room), and in other countries, as a rule, the entrance to the steam mobile bath is carried out directly from the street (from the terrace).

When you order a bathhouse of this type (or any other type), make sure that you are satisfied with the types of wood, as well as the type of insulation and the roof. You should be convenient in building, but it should withstand the load of your climate.

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