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From the history of limousines

by miamigardens

The limousines began to be produced in the United States at the Lincoln factory about a hundred years ago. The very first of them was invented in a funny way: the workers sawed two cars, and then connected their units, while receiving a car with an elongated corps, which became the grandfather of all the limousines. They decided not to sell the resulting product, but to rent and receive constant income from it.

The limousine has always been a luxurious machine, the models of today are equipped with everything that can be imagined: some manufacturers even embed a jacuzzi and a pool, or a real lawn on the roof. Limouses are produced in various types of body, including hatchback and station wagon.

The main features that distinguished the limousine from the rest of the cars were the following. Firstly, the main criterion was the partition separating the driver’s seat from the passenger part of the cabin. Later they began to make a partition to be removable. Secondly, the seats in the limousines were located in two rows, most often each other opposite. And the last requirement – four doors and four windows.

The engineer who created the first limousine became Henry Liland. Back in the 20s of the twentieth century, he created the first car with a tough roof. During production, the emphasis was placed on the highest strata of society, but the aesthetic part was practically not paid attention. Serial production of limousines started after the sale of the concern Henry Ford, who actually raised the enterprise from his knees. He appointed the manager of his son, the appearance of the cars was carefully worked out, so sales very soon reached a high level. At that time, all senior faces, including the US president, and millionaires had at least one Gaddilak or Lincoln in the garage, which to this day are an attribute of luxury and wealth.


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