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Blinds Types and options for your home

by miamigardens

What is blinds?

Blinds are devices from horizontal or vertical plates that regulate light and air flows. They can be made of wood, plastic, metal, fabric. In fact, these are curtains consisting of strips, which are fastened so that they can, turning, move from an open position to closed and vice versa.

Horizontal blinds open and closed using the so -called "ladder system". The opening and closure provides a rotating drum, the lifting cord fixes the desired position, and the cane rotates the bar. However, there are models where control is made by one chain, which turns, moves, and fixes the strips.

Vertical blinds are distinguished by wider strips, and the movement of the cord provides both their stretching along the window, and addition together. The strips are attached to the mechanism in the cornice and slightly overlap each other, which allows you to rotate the strips in different directions.


In addition to manual controls, there are motorized blinds that are driven using wall switches, keyboard, distance control panels and even a computer. This provides remote control, which is especially appreciated with a limited access to the window.

The design and style of the blinds can now be represented by completely different models.  In addition, there are blinds for half the window and in some cases this is enough. The disadvantage of such a purchase is that the price of complete and half -hearted blinds is almost the same, and setting an half -way without a design idea is pointless. A variety of colors and a wide range of materials, also increases the scope of the option for choosing.

For a large window, you can install special long blinds or use several narrow. The latter option is much more aesthetic and allows you to use the most functionally each part of the window opening in order to miss light.

Types of blinds based on materials:

Plastic blinds are most common, especially in offices. The advantages of such blinds in the ease of care and washing, as well as in the hygiene of the material. However, plastic lamellas can be deformed due to proximity to the heat source, like a battery.

Fabric blinds can be insanely attractive. The common myth of tissue blinds is that they easily collect dust, but in reality the fabric in such structures is treated with a substance that repels dust. When choosing such blinds, it is worth considering the density of the fabric, because the durability of the aesthetic properties of the entire structure depends on it.

Aluminum blinds are the most durable. They are treated with special enamel in order to prevent overheating. Minus of the option in the sounds that make lamellas during drafts.

Wooden blinds are the most domestic in appearance, in addition, this material is environmentally friendly. Other advantages include durability and visual attractiveness.

In the photo in the article: blinds from the American store Blindsaver

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