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How to choose the right toilet?

by miamigardens

The toilet has come into use by Russian residents relatively recently, but today it is difficult to imagine a modern house without this subject of plumbing. But the choice of toilets is so wide that before you come to the store for buying, you need to make a choice in favor of convenient model and modern model.

The design of the house gives an answer to the next question, establish a regular floor toilet or a suspended model. Plumbing should be reliable, so floor toilets are preferable. Change the old toilet for a new one will not be difficult. You can easily change the location of this interior item. But if there is little space in the toilet, it is more convenient to mount a suspended model into the wall. Suspended models have recently become everyday life, consumers will still appreciate the advantages of this model.

Buying a toilet should include discussions about the model of the tank. Impressed tanks save space in the toilet. This model is suitable for modern layout apartments. Plumbing should be fashionable, so the button in the wall instead of the lever is beautiful and convenient.

The selection of a drain system depends on how the house has long been built. The construction of new houses involves a vertical drain, in new apartments – a horizontal drain, and in old apartments – inclined. It is best to choose a model with a circular drain, this will save the toilet from noise and spray.


One familiar web designer said it is easier to find Joomla modules than to choose a suitable toilet.

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