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Features of the installation of polyethylene pipeline

by miamigardens

For a long time in the national economy, polyethylene pipes are used in the construction of communications. But in order to correctly build a pipeline from them, you need to know how to do it.

First, we clarify that the connection of the pipes from the pipeline can be carried out in two ways. Firstly, the pipes are welded with each other with a special coupling, which, depending on the type of robot, can be either butt or electric fusion. Secondly, pipes are twisted with each other with the help of steel flanges.

If you need to cook among you pipes of large diameters (from 6.3 centimeters), then it is best to use joint welding. Only professionals can conduct it and only with the help of special equipment.

Pipes of smaller diameter are welded mainly using an electrical coupling. This method is quite costly, but is a good solution if you do not have appropriate equipment for butt welding. By the way, in this way, you can cook large diameter pipes, only the technology of their welding is slightly different from the technology of welding of smaller diameter pipes.


If your pipeline is initially planned to be detachable, or you must subtract the existing one, then you should pay attention to the technology of the detachable connection of polyethylene pipes. In the case when pipes of large diameters (from five centimeters), special bushings are welded to the ends of the pipes, on which metal flanges are installed. For the conditions that the pipes of small diameters use compression fittings.

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