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Rules for laying brick walls

by miamigardens

Brick walls for buildings are chosen by many. Brick is used for partitions inside buildings, as well as for walls outside. But when laying, you need to fulfill some requirements and then the design will be operated for a long time. The external walls have a more complex design, and has many ligaments. If the ligament is not made qualitatively, then over time the structure will begin to break up, and the expected possible loads will not withstand. Partitions built indoors have an easier way to lay, since they do not need a large thickness. Often the thickness is only half a brick. But even during internal work, you should be neat.

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The first rule for laying bricks is that the ranks should be even. If at least one brick is crookedly, the load will no longer be distributed properly, and after time a split will appear in this place.

The brick is laid by side faces perpendicular to the previous row. Also if the sides are oblique, cracks will appear over time.


The seams are considered an important rule that should not coincide with the seams of the neighboring row. If you adhere to this principle, the masonry will not be spinning.

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