Home Construction Filters


by miamigardens

Any pool needs regular water purification. This can be chemical and mechanical cleaning, it is best if two types of cleaning are used comprehensively. Mechanical water purification is ensured by filters, it is thanks to them that you can always enjoy clean water in your pool.

There are two types for pools: sandy and cartridge. Sandy are mainly used in large public pools. The sand that has passed special processing is a filtering element. Such filters occupy a large place and have a heavy weight. The most convenient to use cartridge filters. They are small, lightweight and easy to operate, have a low cost. Such filters are used in small home pools. The element made of polypropylene of the membrane is a filter.

Filters differ in various characteristics: design, manufacturing material, types of cranes, performance, type and filtration speed. The main characteristics of the filter are the performance and speed of the filtration produced. Based on the main characteristics, the filter suitable for you is the choice. When choosing a filter, do not forget about the size of the cleaned pool. For example, for a small pool, you should not purchase a powerful cleaning installation, you can get by with a small filter with a cartridge. Cartridge, if necessary, can easily be replaced.

Filters body complies with the latest standards requirements, during their manufacture, high -quality materials are used that have anti -corrosion properties. This allows the use of filters in water, saturated with various active substances used in chemical cleaning.


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