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Energy saving lamps in the aquarium

by miamigardens

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Aquarium is not just an interior item, but this is primarily a man -made dwelling of fish. And the life expectancy of the inhabitants of water spaces depends on how its lighting will be its lighting. The harmony of the interior too. Those who do not install any lamps in the aquarium are incorrect. This affects the growth, development and appearance of fish and algae.

Energy -saving lamps that are installed in the aquarium became quite popular.

Important: the aquarium requires additional artificial light, since its natural inhabitants are not enough. The choice of lighting should be taken seriously, given the spectral characteristics.


Types of lamps used for aquarium

Increase lamps in the backlight. Such lamps do not have a negative effect on fish and aquarium plants. Some note that in this light of red fish, they look more impressive. Their design is quite simple, but they have a number of disadvantages.

Fluorescent lamps. Most specialized stores offer their potential customers these lamps. They have quite high light output rates, a balanced spectral composition and a fairly even stream. But these lamps do not last long.

Energy-saving lamps. An obvious advantage of this type of lighting is that they significantly save electricity, and also provide the most optimal mode: warm and cold light. Also have a high level of light output.

Special lamps for the aquarium. They are more and more in demand, since they are better than the rest of the purpose, t. e. For favorable living conditions in the aquarium.

It must be remembered that a lot depends on the lighting. Consultants of a specialized institution can help in this matter.

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