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The use of polyurethane moldings

by miamigardens

Decorating the premises requires not only artistic skills and fantasies, but also the knowledge of the construction market, as well as its assortment. For example, for a visual increase in the ceiling or space of the room, plain moldings are used. This is an element of decor, made in the form of a neat border or bar used to hide the joints of the wall and floor or ceiling. Polyurethane moldings of which are not high – the effect of their presence, which is significant for the harmony of the interior, look stylish.

High -quality moldings are made from polyurethane. A variety of colors allows you to choose the decor in the tone of the wallpaper or color of the wall. In addition, molding does not need additional decoration, since its surface is initially smooth or with a relief applied.

Modern polyurethane moldings are not limited to use. They are used in various fields. For example, polyurethane molding will be a great replacement for a baseboard or door pad. In addition, embossed molding will allow you to decorate electric fireplaces, mirror frame or indoor arches.

The amazing use of polyurethane molding is the decoration of furniture. They are painted under silver or gold and applied to cabinets, beds and other furniture, giving it a noble view. The production process of such moldings is quite simple, but laborious. Polyurethane molding is treated with a thin layer of varnish, and after drying it, pieces of ordinary foil are applied to the still sticky surface. At the same time, furniture can be given not a gloss of luxury and wealth. Rubbing foil with a metal brush, molding will get the effect of aging.


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