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Parquet Parquet tricks and advice

by miamigardens

After completing the main work on laying a parquet board and cyclation of the finished coating, it is necessary to carry out several more measures before the operation of the floor. In order to increase the operational characteristics of the floor, it is necessary to sparkle all the slightest gaps between the parquet strips, and then again cycle it to remove irregularities and clean the floor from accumulated dirt.

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After the finish grinding of the parquet floor, it is necessary to cover it with a layer of varnish. The varnish will give not only shine, but improves the operational characteristics of the parquet floor. When applying varnish on the parquet coating, use the roller and let the varnish dry well (usually it takes 24 hours). It would be better to give the first layer more time to dry. In this case, during the drying period, the floor from dust should be protected. During drying, for safety reasons, electric heaters should not be used. Apply and arrange furniture in a room with a finished parquet should be no earlier than a week after drying.

When choosing varnish, it should be taken into account that the glossy coating will emphasize the pattern of the tree and lighten the room. However, the matte coating will bring coziness to the room. On such a coating, dents, dust and other flaws are less noticeable.


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