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by miamigardens

Nowadays, there are more and more ways to save space in the house. One of these methods is sliding doors. Their design, when opening, allows you to shift the canvas along the wall, which will help you free up space for the things you need. The cost of sliding doors is less, and the installation is easier. Such doors are well suited for offices and small rooms.

There are two types of sliding doors. The first type assumes that the canvas moves along the upper and lower guide. Such doors are more stable. The second type has only one guide at the top. This type of sliding door is installed faster, but it is less stable and reliable.

Install internal sliding doors of double -glazed windows in two ways. The external method involves installing the door over the wall. This installation does not require preliminary preparation, and requires less time to install.

For installation in the internal way, the doorway must be pre -finished, but the door will be at the wall level.


Before installing sliding doors, guides will need to be installed on the wall. When installing, special attention should be paid to fittings, everything should be well fixed. In cases of incorrect selection or installation of accessories, in the future the door may jam. Therefore, you need to buy fittings and with a guarantee.

The appearance of the sliding doors has many forms and types. They are made using various materials such as wood, glass, MDF. Doors can be supplied with inserts, stained glasses, as well as a mirror surface. Therefore, anyone can choose the door for the individual interior of the room.

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