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Window replacement

by miamigardens

Almost any person who took an apartment or a house in the secondary bazaar of real estate was met with the need to replace old windows with the latest. The modern construction market provides the client with a spacious set in the selection process, starting with materials and production periods to the price level. But there are a number of aspects, what interest should be directed when you want the latest window blocks in your home to serve extremely long and do not disappoint the person. During the replacement of windows, metal screws are often used.

The replacement of windows is traditionally created in the spring-summer period, then the materials used for the apparatus (mounting and heat-insulating tape) are grasped and dry even better. It is no coincidence that the figure himself advises to change the windows at an average daily temperature of +15 s.

The dismantling of old ones is allowed to do it yourself, saving a decent amount of funds. To do this, you need to take into account the criteria of simple preservation: to defend the shares of the body (protective glasses, the composition of gloves, clothing made of dense fabric) from chips or glass fragments. If the window is opened, then it is allowed to elementarily drop the window or a transom from the hinges, when it is deaf, then you need to carefully pull the glass from it, which can crack during dismantling.

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