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How to save furniture during repair

by miamigardens

How to save furniture during repair


How to save furniture in proper form? This question was asked everyone who made a complete or even cosmetic repair of the apartment, where furniture was located. During repair and final work, it is likely to damage or spoil the furniture that becomes an extremely painful problem for homeowners, as well as for masters performing work.

For disassembling and assembling furniture, you can use the services of the collector, you can order them here. Sometimes it is better to use this service, especially if there is little free time.


In the absence of the opportunity to take out furniture into a more comfortable and safe place for it, then during the repair work it is recommended to pack your furniture well. If the repair will be held in each room alternately, it will be most suitable to transfer the furniture to the room that is not yet subjected to repair work. However, be careful, when transferring furniture, there is a high probability of damage to your property, so transportation should be carried out with great accuracy.

If you cannot afford to move the furniture to another room, it should be placed in the center of the room. This location will not interfere with the work and access of the masters to the walls and ceiling, and will ensure the maximum safety of your furniture.

To protect furniture from dust and particles of building materials, which can be extremely difficult to remove subsequently, you should take care of hermetic packaging. This method will help you protect property from unwanted pollution and spots. For this case, the most appropriate material will be the film. The only inconvenience may be damage to the packaging. During repair work, there is a high probability of violation of the integrity of the film, so you will need to monitor the tightness of the packaging throughout the repair.

However, the export of furniture for the time of repair and final work from an apartment or cottage remains an ideal option. But even in this case, vigilance should not be lost, distant transportation with a careless attitude is fraught with breakdowns and damage to furniture. There are currently organizations that can help you in this matter. Their specialization is reliable transportation and storage of furniture during the repair. They are responsible for the integrity of your things, timely export and supply of furniture within the right time. If there are a lot of work, then the husband is ideal for an hour to help.

In the case of contacting a company occupied by such issues, you can count on the premises of the size you need. For storage, all interior items and things are accepted, except for plants, pets and products.

Before transportation, the furniture is firmly packaged. In the rooms where furniture is stored, optimal air humidity is maintained, as well as the temperature. Such a company will be happy to provide everything you need to move your furniture to the place of storage, for example, a vehicle and movers.

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