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Sentimental decor

by miamigardens

Sentimental decor

An important detail that gives the house a feature is sentimental elements. For example, a framework with photos or a favorite grandmother’s service. All this makes us feel in touch with people and events. But, as with most design details, it is always important to maintain balance.

The balance begins with the choice of decor, which will delight both eyes and heart. When we want to put something on the display in our house, there is a great temptation to overdo it with excess details.  Personal things that you want to use by making interior design should delight you, but also work in the common space of the room.

For example, your grandmother collected green retro-melts. You remember that they have always been in her house, and they remind you of her and childhood. You can use green plates of grandmothers for decor your kitchen or living room. If you and your grandmother are connected by many sentimental memories, you can also use other items from her collection, but in most cases, there will be enough green plates as the most striking and suitable communication elements.


By the way, there is another common design mistake – to use things that you do not like, only because they remind you of someone. Very often people keep old chairs remaining from grandfathers and grandmothers, only because it is a memory, but in reality, they hate this furniture. This is bad not only for the interior, but also for memory of people whose things you store. Give them to someone else who needs them, take them to the cottage, and instead of them, place something really gives you joy and good memories. And even better, process old things into something that will give you joy. For example, you can remove the upholstery from these old chairs and make pillows from it for new seats. Or weave and upholstery decor for photo frames and so on. As an option, you can remove her upholstery from the old furniture of the grandmother and decorate her with new, more modern. In any case, you have a lot of options that will allow you to have a memory of loved ones through things that you will not hate.

Remember that old furniture elements, especially of natural wood, can be easily updated with paint and pairs of hours of work. Old things that carry memories is good. Bad only when you forget to update them.

Another option for decor using sentimental things is in different types of handmade products. For example, you can make an apron for the kitchen from the old tickets that you have kept all your life by lamenting the tickets under the glass surface. From the coins that you collected, you can make a frame for a mirror. The old dress in which you were at a graduation or celebrated a wedding can be seized into pillows or bedspreads. Even a sports uniform in which you won a particular competition can be placed under glass in a frame and make a decoration out of it. And your child’s booties, along with his first T-shirt, can be poured to some significant toy.

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