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Off road properties of tires (continuation)

by miamigardens

25 August, 2013 | 21:05

A reasonable compromise is expensive universal tires that cope well with their duties on wet and dry asphalt. Such a wheel can be identified by the central ring, which is responsible for improving controllability on any type of coating, and diagonal grooves diverging from the center to the edges – they take water from the contact spot in rainy weather. Such tires also usually have a directed tread pattern and therefore require attention when installing. In addition, some manufacturers are trying to take into account the fact that in the bend of the external to the longitudinal axis of the car, the side of the tread the side of the tread works more rigid mode than the internal – so asymmetric tires, the central ring and the entire drawing of which are, as it were, are shifted relative to the center. T. e. The tread is not symmetrical, which also requires attention with tire fitting and installation on the car. The noise of the tire can be determined by shallow diagonal “incisions” on the protector against the wheel of the wheel: the more there are – the quieter the wheel. The most noisy one will be a wheel, which has a lot of transverse grooves that improve the properties of an off -road tire. In addition, the off -road properties of the tire can be recognized by looking at the extreme paths of the tread. If they are rounded, then in a stress rotation the tire will work with a sidewall, thereby increasing the contact spot and increasing the stability of the machine against side sliding (demolition or skidding). Sharp faces, especially the tires that are going on the sidewalls, cling to the rut, improving the cross -country cross -country. However, on the asphalt in a steep turn, the contact spot of such a tire decreases, since the internal tread tracks are unloaded. Professional – reliably, high quality and fast. Optimal prices. Visit the GAZ-DVK website

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