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Forests that soothe

by miamigardens

What is the difference between the psychology of construction "for yourself" and the work of professionals? What are construction forests for? Why is the rent more economical?

We build one thing, we think differently.

It is well known that if someone is building a house, let’s say, for himself and for another, then there are many differences in this process. Including psychological terms. Let’s say when the house is built by those who will live in it, who especially thinks about safety precautions? And when people work, who, for example, have a certain employment contract, is a completely different matter. Here, trauma during operation may have serious consequences.

Therefore, construction managers and take care that, say, no one falls during work from a great height. And forests for brickwork are rented quite often.


And so calmer!

Why rent? And most often it makes no sense to acquire them. After all, it is far from always necessary to build such buildings where they are needed. There are situations when a brick building is built in three floors, but the need for forests does not arise, everything fits, so to speak, from the inside. And there are projects in which even a two -story building requires the presence of forests.

Therefore, the decision to use forests is made after studying the project. That is, both about the fundamental decision and the terms of the lease. Practice has shown the effectiveness of this approach.

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