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Both in winter and summer

by miamigardens

With the first snow, the number of accidents increases. This is explained by the fact that in winter the roads are far from always and not everywhere in a timely manner sprinkle with sand, and meanwhile ’the snow that falls quickly rolls off the wheels of cars and a thin and insidious slippery layer forms on the roads. It is even more dangerous when a thaw comes after the frost (this is a frequent phenomenon in our republic) and ice forms on the roads.

Driving on such roads requires special skills from the driver. Meanwhile, many have not yet managed to purchase them, while others have not yet been “rebuilt” and continue to use the summer drives of car driving. Such a driver can even move off with difficulty, since he has not yet learned to smoothly act as the pedals of the throttle control and clutch and presses, as a rule, sharply on them. If in the summer this goes almost imperceptibly, then in winter on a slippery road, such touching causes a slip of the rear wheels of the car and, at best, leads to the loss of time and vain efforts of the driver, and in the worst – to drift, collision and overturning. Experienced drivers on a slippery road in the winter touch the place in second gear with a small “gas” to prevent the rear wheels of the car.

Driving a car in winter requires, first of all, the ability to drive slowly, while starting drivers, as a rule, do not know how. Therefore, the first time should not be abused by the accelerator pedal. In addition, the brake pedal requires a delicate attitude.

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