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How to tear off wallpaper from the wall?

by miamigardens

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During the repair, the problem of removing old wallpapers is acute. This process is not predictable: sometimes they come off with ease, but sometimes the process delivers a lot of difficulties. The solution directly depends on what glue the wallpaper was glued to.


In most cases, glue based on modified starch is used for wallpaper, so the easiest way to remove the old coating is warm water with the addition of detergent.


Wet the surface with water using a sponge, pulverizer or roller. Leave for 15-20 minutes, then remove the wallpaper with a scrap or spatula.

Another method using water is a steamer. Under the influence of hot streams of steam, the old coating easily moves away from the walls.

A very effective way – soak the surface with water and heat it with a building hairdryer. Follow safety precautions, hot air from the hair dryer can create a fire hazardous situation, especially in wooden buildings.

Carefully remove the wallpaper from the surface of the drywall, do not use a large amount of water, as the material can be deformed.

How to tear the wallpaper from the wall if the surface does not pass moisture. First of all, it is necessary to violate its integrity. This is especially true for vinyl wallpaper, the upper layer of which consists of polyvinyl chloride, such a film is waterproof. With a knife, a scraper or a special roller with spikes, make holes in the wallpaper for water access to adhesive composition.

4. Liquid fabric or highly diluted wallpaper glue can penetrate deeply inside the surface. Apply a warm solution with a roller to the surface and leave for 60-120 minutes. After that, the old wallpaper is easily removed in whole stripes.

Radical methods

When water does not help, you will have to remove the old coating mechanical or chemical methods.

Modern products effectively dissolve even the most persistent adhesive compounds. Observing precautions, apply washing or solvent to the surface, then carefully remove the remains of the wallpaper with a spatula.

If there is no way to use chemical reagents, then use a special nozzle for a drill or a grinder. The method is very dusty, but it is guaranteed to help clean even the most complex areas of the old cladding.

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