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Use of typical plugs in construction

by miamigardens

To block the transportation and supply of the medium to the branch of the pipeline, special plugs of ATC are used, which are also called shut -off valves. To date, such shut -off valves exist only a few varieties, turning rotary, plugs or flange, which are also called deaf, generally called ATC, are also called obturators. The plugs called flange have the shape of a flange, but nevertheless, they differ in the absence of a special hole through which the transported environment passes. Flange APCs are made in several designs or executions. APC plugs, so often called those parts that are made in accordance with the norms indicated in the album of standard structures, acting and approved.

In accordance with this album, there are only five types of structures: with a connecting protrusion for huge pressure – from 1 million to 6.3; with a connecting protrusion, which are designed to use 0.5 – 4 million. A product that has a spike, which is designed to use 0.7-6.2 milliamps in the conditions of such pressure, many of which are used with fluoroplastic special gaskets. In the fourth design, ATC plugs are made with the calculation of the use of a gasket that has an oval section, still the structures can withstand the pressure of 6.2-16 milliamps. APC plugs made in the fifth version have a cavity, the use of such plugs is allowed at a conditional pressure in the pipeline four milliamps. The temperature at which the use of the elements that are made in accordance with ATC 24 is allowed.200.02.90, maybe 71-610 degrees.

In many ways, ATC’s rotary plugs resemble the shape of ordinary glasses with their shape, thanks to which they received one of their own names. Turning APCs, which consist, as a rule, of two parts, allow you to block temporarily a flow during the installation of a dull part of the part of the pipeline during construction, if you need to start transporting the medium, a second part that has an appropriate hole for the passage of the environment is established.

To the rotary plugs, the technical requirements are set out in the album of typical structures 26-18-5-93, which states that their use is quite possible in temperature conditions of -70 to +476 degrees. If the rotary ATC plugs are installed for work only with aggressive environments, they are used only when the metal is subjected to corrosion no deeper than 0.4 millimeters per year. In the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, as well as during the construction of non -residential and residential premises for water pipelines – ATC plugs are used in various sectors of people’s activities. The locking reinforcement of this type is produced in accordance with the norms and requirements of the GOSTs, which are referred to by ATK – album of standard structures.


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