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Roller shutters the origin and use of

by miamigardens

Roller shutters were invented as a means of protecting stores from thieves. They have been known since ancient times and have been used by rich people in private houses to increase security.

Thanks to modern technologies used in production, roller shutters are not only a means of protection, but also a beautiful design that is installed in just a couple of hours and does not affect the window openings in the room. The opening of the roller shifts and their closure is a simple and easy process. In addition, they are quite strong and light, so even experienced thieves cannot open them quickly.

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Thanks to the roller shutters, you can protect the room from annoying sunlight, as well as prevent the settlement on the glasses of unnecessary dust and dirt that flies from the street. It is important to note that the roller shutters have a fairly attractive appearance, so they will not spoil the design of the structure. That is why they can be installed in any building, and they look especially beautiful and relevant in new and modern houses.


Rogsters can be controlled automatically, they are sometimes equipped with special sensors that regulate the intensity of light and the flow of wind.

The device is roller

Most different stores and offices necessarily have roller shutters that protect the premises from robbers and create an attractive type of facade.

Their design is quite simple: the main part consists of many plates, folding into a roll in a box. This box is attached to the doorway or windows. With the help of guides, the canvas is executed and its folding. As materials for lamellas, you can use both aluminum and steel. The principle of their action and the structure are similar to the blinds, but the roller shutters are much more reliable and stronger.

Due to the fact that the lamellas are tightly and tightly adjacent to each other, the roller shutters provide unsurpassed protection against attackers, they are almost impossible to cut off with some kind of tool or hack, since their surface is a smooth and even area of ​​metal.

It is best to acquire steel roller shutters, although they are more expensive than aluminum, since they are more reliable and durable.

Methods of lowering and raising the roller

There are two design methods: manual and automatic. With manual control, all kinds of cords or tapes are used, and with automatic regulation of roller shutters, an engine is necessary with which they can be controlled at a fairly large distance.

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