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Paparazzi photographed a new mini

by miamigardens

Within the framework of the Frankfurt car dealership, which will be held this fall, it is planned to show the new Mini hatchback in the status of an official presentation. But his appearance ceased to be a secret – during the photo shoot for the publication of the advertising brochure, the paparazzi managed to shoot a car (according to CARSCOOP).

From the photograph, you can draw some conclusions about the changes that the hatchback has undergone during modernization. The front part of the car underwent the greatest changes. A modified bumper shape, a new radiator grill, original windshield, and modernized LED headlights make a model similar to the concept presented in mid -2001 under the name Mini Rocketman.

In the photographs provided by the paparazzi, you can notice changes to the central console, which is still rounded, but the location of the devices is another. The change in the position of the speedometer is especially striking.

According to representatives of the BMW concern, the mini hatchback will be equipped with three -cylinder engines of 1.5 liters in gasoline and diesel versions.


However, officially this information has not yet been confirmed either in the press and on the company’s website.

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