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by miamigardens

Of course, no one will argue with the fact that at present, housing remains the first problem of many citizens. All this includes options such as getting an inheritance, or just buy an apartment yourself. The most common way is to take part in shared construction of the future house. This option is good because the construction is spent on the minimum amount of time, since the shared construction is understood to be the construction of the house together. This option came to us from the past, namely, just recently, our great -grandfathers built large houses for two or three families. They mainly made such a decision, due to the fact that building a house with the help of several forces is much easier and faster.

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Now this process goes a little differently, that is, the very meaning remains the same only some details have changed their original character. Everything regarding the construction of the house, the construction company is decided primarily by the construction company, which must first find investors. People can act as investors, after which they can begin to build a residential building at their funds. Before starting work, the company must conclude an agreement with equity holders, which describes the fact that at the end of construction, the apartment of this house goes into the property of the equity.

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