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How to independently install a sink in the bathroom?

by miamigardens

That the main thing in the bathroom? Of course, the sink and bath. Other options – showers or jacuzzi – are optional and installed at the request of the owner. Below we will tell you how to install a sink yourself.

First of all, you need to consider the methods of attaching the sink. The most popular for a long time remains the mount with the help of brackets.

First, at an altitude of 80-85 cm from the floor, a line is drawn in parallel to it. Subsequent calculations will be repelled from this basic markings. After that, the thickness of the sink side adjacent to the wall is measured, and this distance is measured down from the base line. The distance between the brackets is measured along the sink, after which the segments are transferred to the wall. After that, the mounting points are noted on the wall in which the holes are drilled. Dyubel is inserted into them, and then the brackets are attached using self -tapping screws. The sink is later installed and attached to them, and the rules specified in the attached instructions must be followed.

After the sink is installed, the mixer and siphon are connected, which need to be brought to sewage and water supply systems. At this stage, hoses will be required to connect to the water supply system and the FUM tape as a seal.


First, hoses and mixer are neatly connected, while the hoses should be twisted to the end. From water leaks will protect the gaskets available at the ends of the hoses – rubber rings. After that, the mixer is installed and attached on the sink by a special clamp. All this is done before installing the sink on the brackets for more convenience. After installation, hoses and pipes of cold and hot water are connected. If the diameter of the pipe is less or more than 15 cm, then the installation of an adapter with a threaded connection treated with a tape of the fum is necessary.

Installation of a sink with a pedestal may differ from the installation of a sink on the brackets. The installation method depends on the type of shell.

If the pedestal is masked in the model of water supply, siphon and sewer tube, then the installation is similar to the installation of the sink to the bracket. But there are some nuances here. The sink should be kept close to the wall and measure the places for fasteners through the available holes along it. After that, you need to drill holes with a perforator, insert a dowel and fix the sink with self -tapping screws. At the same time, it is desirable to use plastic or rubber washers that prevent damage to the surface of the sink.

In other models, the pedestal itself is the basis of installation, and you can install such a sink near the wall, and not closely. In both cases, it is important to install the sink so that it does not stagger.

Another well -known way to fasten the sink is to install on the cabinet. In such cases, you can use the most different in the shape and design of the sink. In this case, the sink can be located either on the surface of the countertop, or in its cut. The faucets can be installed on the shell itself, on the cabinet, on a decorative stand, and even on the wall.

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