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Choosing a chandelier for your interior

by miamigardens

It is difficult for a modern person to imagine his life without lamps – they are an integral part of the interior, enhance its features, add harmony to the room. And properly selected hanging chandeliers are able to brighten up some disadvantages in the interior, create the effect of increasing space, create a certain style, and just be a beautiful element of decor.

Therefore, it is worth paying the choice of the lamp special attention. Fortunately, now there is something to choose from – a huge number of different manufacturers are represented on the market, chandeliers differ in size, material, decorative elements.

For each functional zone, you can choose different in style solution of the chandelier. The main thing is not to forget that you should choose a chandelier not only in appearance, but also in technical characteristics: by the number of ceiling, by the power of the lamp, in size, in height of the ceiling.

The choice is now such that it is very easy to be original. Try to watch chandeliers in several houses – and nowhere you will find the same option. Modern chandeliers have much left their predecessors – they were clumsy in appearance made of wood, and there is no need to talk about the sophistication, originality at all.


Crystal, when choosing a classic chandelier, still choose many-after all, this is a classic style. Such a chandelier will fit into the living room very well, emphasize the solemnity of the room, will amaze guests with the game of glare, such a chandelier can also be selected for the sleeping room if it is made in a classic style.

In opposite the style, chandeliers are made in high-tech styles-they are distinguished by simplicity, clarity and directness of forms and lines. Such chandeliers will fit well into the interior of the kitchen made of plastic.

Modern style, on the contrary, is characterized by smooth lines, chandeliers are decorated with decorative elements, in the manufacture of natural materials are used.

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