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Windows from the profile

by miamigardens

The ancestor of the Queer profile is a German factory manufacturer, who, using the Green Line system, has published a profile, which was based on a calcium-zinc stabilizer.  This made it possible to release an environmentally friendly product. Profile Que is a standard whose width is 58 mm. This type of profile allows you to install a double -glazed window 34 mm wide. When operating for about 40 years, the profile does not lose the initial qualities. The color remains impeccable. The profile is not subject to deformation and retains all its qualities in thermal insulation and sound insulation.

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The profile of the brand qve expert has a width of 7 mm, having a system of five cameras. This type of profile allows you to install a double -glazed window 42 mm wide. In terms of its technical qualities, the profile expert corresponds to all the technical qualities of the profile the standard.

The difference between these two types of profile is the price bar and such an important factor as heat saving. The five chamber profile will retain heat 45% better than three chamber profile.


Also on the profile of the brand of the expert, you can install anti -ibal fittings. So your house will be under reliable protection.

If you opt for the profile of the brand of Que, then you will have a high -quality, environmentally friendly, reliable product with aesthetic appearance.

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