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Facade of a private house

by miamigardens

Each private developer seeks to teach environmentally friendly and at the same time aesthetically attractive house as a result of his construction activity. It is known that the first impression of the owner is based on the basis of first glance at his house. How it looks, what materials were used, with what creative approach and love all work was performed. It is important to the owner, take into account all these aspects, but at moderate prices.

Recently, much attention is paid to insulation of residential buildings. But the measures carried out require mandatory facing of the house, which leads a private developer to the inevitable choice of finishing materials. As the practice of past years shows, the best option for many wooden, as well as brick houses, was a ventilated facade in which the basement panels necessarily present. What role do they play?

Not only aesthetic. Strong and reliable, made of thick plastic act as additional thermal insulation. Low thermal conductivity of plastic helps to avoid the appearance of a "dew point" inside the foundation structure. In addition, they perfectly perform protective functions. They protect the skeleton of the building from snow and rain, which means that during the time, while facade facade facing panels stand, you will have to mess with its repair, which, as you know, is a laborious operation with an increased requirement for financial costs.

The finishing of the ventilated facade can be performed by various materials: vinyl siding, basement siding, finishing panels, wood, artificial stone, and so on. The most relevant recently have become facing panels for brick. Between themselves these panels differ in design. So, the imitation can reflect the classical masonry, Gothic, embossed, cross and some other types of clutches. From the side and even upon closer examination, the impression is that the cladding of the house was carried out by real brick, which, of course, increases the value of the structure.


Recently, it has become a fashion trend to use finishing plates for installation, imitating aged brick. Buildings with such a decoration look especially attractive and luxurious. The finishing facade panels have almost the same advantages as basement siding, except that in installation they are easier and less requireing physical costs when installing. For panels intended for both facades and installation on the foundation and base, additional elements are provided, which allow you to implement work without much effort and in a short time.

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