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Stained glass windows on the ceiling

by miamigardens

Modern technologies for the ceiling decoration open up wide opportunities for the design of the surface – just remember the suspended structures and stretch ceilings. But for those who want to endow the interior by a truly unique and colorful decorative effect, the Studio of Stained Stands and Light offers exquisite stained -glass windows for the ceiling are original models. Prices for ceiling stained -glass windows affordable.

The basis of the product is a strong metal structure, which ensures the durability and reliability of the decorative system. In the case of most companies purchasing metal foundations from third -party suppliers, the “Studio of Staines and Light” has its own production of high -quality frames, which allows you to reduce the cost and increase the competitiveness of the final prices for customers.

Currently, 4 types of ceiling stained glasses are available to customers: suspended, stretch, ceiling and Armstrong.

In the first case, the frame with a stained glass window is attached near the “black” ceiling, hiding all the bumps of the last.


In stretch stained -glass windows, the frame is supplemented with a special frame, for the set of which installation is carried out. Any images can be applied to the fixed canvas, including making photo printing.

Betrazh type of ceiling involves installing in a special box or niche, which is why it was called closed. At the same time, there are flat and volumetric options for plafones.

Armstrong stained -glass windows differ in a cellular structure – in this case, stained -glass windows have the shape of plates and are introduced into the formed cells.

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