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Setting the floor independently

by miamigardens

If you have the task of aligning the floor in the room, then this can be done in several ways. One of them is a simple cement-sand mixture that is used in the process of filling the floors.

Such a foundation has long and well established itself, in particular, it concerns the issue of price.

In principle, among the minuses, only an excessive duration of drying the layer can be distinguished, which occurs in 28 days. In addition, the filling process is considered dirty, and the work is extremely hard.

But if you are repairing professionally, then you will certainly be interested in plotter cutting services, with which you can make your business even more recognizable.


With ready -made mixtures when filling the floor with your own hands, the situation is much better. So, there are reliable mixtures, the stiring time of which can last only up to 10 days, and the filling in this case is easier, t. To. The mixture should be divorced to a half -liquid state, in which it is easier to align the surface of the floor.

To everything else, there are self -leveling mixtures, with them this process can be facilitated as much as possible. However, with an increase in the convenience of use, prices may increase.

You can use GVL to create a dry screed, while you get a faster process, as well as the ease of installation. Work is not so dirty, but the result will be perfect. In this case, only the price is capable of upsetting in this case.

Any floor covering can be laid on such a base, they can be divided into 3 groups, among which soft, hard wooden and hard stone.

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