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Good repair for little money

by miamigardens

According to statistical data, apartments are the most consumer demand in the last decade without decoration. For example, apartments in the suburbs are sold in this ratio: 74% without finishing and only 16% with partial or turnkey. Such housing is a universal option that best satisfies the requirements of both wealthy acquirers and have a more modest budget.

How to make economical, but high -quality repair?

More and more Russians are asked this question, because not only the sale of apartments in the suburbs, but throughout Russia reached a new quantitative level. The first fundamental and mandatory step to reduce the cost of repairs will be its detailed planning – estimate. Will correctly increase the calculated amount by 20–25%. Carefully evaluate the volume of the required work and determine the most costly, that is, those that will require not only purchases of finishing materials, but also attracting professional work.

When buying materials, it will be useful to visit all the construction stores available in your area to compare prices and in order to find out about existing and planned shares. If we hire professionals inevitable, agree to carry out preparatory to repair work yourself. This can reduce your expenses by 10-30%. Buy domestic production building materials, armed with the advice of professionals. This is another 10%–40%. Repair with a large volume of work of the Builders brigade can be carried out in the winter, when it is traditionally cheaper.


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