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Characterization of double glazed windows

by miamigardens

Different double -glazed windows are used in housing construction. The double -glazed window consists of several layers of glass interconnected. In their design, double -glazed windows are divided into one, two and three chamber. In terms of glass quality, double -glazed windows are energy -saving, soundproofing, self -cleaning, cartoons functional and armored. In multifunctional packages, all of the above quality aspects are valid.

In most cases, plastic windows are created on order in production conditions at small mini plants on special fittings. Single -chamber packages are used for glazing loggias, balconies or verandas. A single -chamber pact consists of one camera with a thickness of 16mm and two glass packets 4 mm thick. Marking package 4-16-4 indicates the number of cameras and the number of glass packages. Single -chamber packages have medium heat -saving and soundproofing indicators. No less important is how thick walls in your house, and how high -quality solution was used in construction. Whether the proportions were observed when it is kneaded whether it was warmed up or not, if he was heated, they used a concrete thermometer, or electrode heating. When everything is done according to construction standards during the construction of the house, in a cube with high -quality double -glazed windows there will be good thermal insulation in the room.

In two -chamber packages, three glasses are used, which create two air chambers 10 mm thick. Marking of a two-chamber double-glazed window 4-10-4-10-4 corresponds to the number of glasses and air chambers. Three glasses 4 mm thick are divided into two air chambers, which create a high coefficient of heat -saving and sound insulation. When used in the same two -chamber packages of energy -saving glass, the level of heat saving increases by several times.

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