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Everything turned out as usual

by miamigardens

In the late 90s of the last century, the domestic motoroport once again tried to realize the idea of ​​his own revival. However, either the goals were foggy, or the finances poured too modest, but for some reason everything turned out, as usual, stupidly and non-casual. After ephemeral studies of the domestic market, consumer desires and own capabilities, it was decided to release choppers for some reason. It was in those years that Irbit erupted with a pompous and expensive “wolf”, and “Izh -Moto” (now it is “Izhevsk Motorcycles”) -the simple and non -casual Castom “Junker”.

The designers did not strain themselves in anything -the well -known two -stroke two -cylinder Jupiter -5 took the base and finalized (mainly in appearance) to the American style: increased the base and departure of the fork, installed a high “horned” steering wheel, a mall -shaped gas tank, a saddle -“step”, and, of course, focused on chrome decoration.

Only the rear pendulum and the exhaust system were original. Despite some aesthetic flaws (a thin rear tire (3.50–) clearly dissonates with a common idea, as, indeed, the design of a disproportionate “tail”), for the products of the domestic motor industry, this model has become a certain breakthrough forward. In which this century has released something stylish and relatively affordable! For the rapid conquest of the market, only banal trifles were not enough, which are the norm in the civilized world -the assembly quality, developed service and feedback with the consumer. Already the first consumer trials (and it should be noted that at the beginning on the Junker almost recorded in line) revealed a whole bouquet of shortcomings (the simplest of which were the fuzzy inclusion of transmissions and the difficulty of setting up the only carburetor feeding two cylinders), but the factory management in every way in every possible way avoided contact and correct technical flaws. Another tactic was chosen, guaranteeing the constant sale of cars and the sale of spare parts -the comprehension of the "junkers" of state units. And, we must pay tribute, Izh-Moto managed to compose “competition” in terms of the quantity of even BMW in the equipment of traffic police inspectors with two-wheeled vehicles. Thus, the plant successfully implemented visual advertising of its products. But no one knew about the other side of the coin.

Seven years have passed since the debut of the Junker -a kissed life for the model. But during all this time, the plant did not change anything in the design (with the exception of the gas tank cover), yes, it seems, and is not going to do this in the future. But the buyer’s mentality has become completely different, and few people already believe in the revival of the domestic motorcycle industry. Moreover, new players appeared in the same price segment, providing a slightly different product in quality.


That is why we decided to shake old people and return to the "Junker" once again. Maybe our previous grades were too biased?

For the first time I saw him exactly 10 years ago -in the picture. Then he was with "Orion" cast wheels and a pneumatic. I admit, I took a joke, but the joke is not high. And in the summer of 1999 I saw him alive and shot him to ride. And there was a motorcycle already in the form in which it is released to this day.

And even then he claimed the title of the most clumsy apparatus in the world. "High, cunning, terrible" -it’s all wrong.

But "clumsy" -yes, this is about him. It seems that the foundations of technical design comrades (although what kind of comrades they are to me -so, gentlemen) the creators studied according to the pictures of Kukryniks. And engineering psychology (if anyone does not know, under this pseudonym, the science of Ergonomics lived under the CPSU) was comprehended on the example of the mutual arrangement of cracks and ledges on the southern slope of the peak of communism.

And for all this they ask for the price … Oh, mom! Almost Yamaha ybr125. What? Junker is more powerful? On paper -yes. But the advantage of the motor is melted like a snowball in Pussuar, the very first 30 meters after a traffic light, when you have to stick the second. I remember how in the same 99th I dealt with all these scockers on my still not tunenic nine-sole Vespa rx- just at that moment, when the unlucky opposites and izhthniki for two seconds switched to increased (I had several times less time for this. ). And here is not only the switching is rude, as on the “DT-75” tractor, but the switch is located so that without God’s mother, you can’t get to it. And by switching, you still can’t realize the theoretical advantage in the maximum clip. Yes, the frame is much tougher than Jupiter, but simply because it was not designed for operation without a stroller with its spacers and the other, tied the frame of the motorcycle and “cradle” into a single whole. Here, the frame seems to be nothing, but the hundreds are faster than hundreds are still scary, because you do not control the road.

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