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The main types of glasses

by miamigardens

Today there is a huge variety of glasses. 1. Energy -saving glass. This glass provides a decrease in thermal radiation, which is the main cause of heat loss through glass.

This type of glass is processed with a special coating, which consists of thin layers. Thanks to this coating, the room does not pass short -wave solar radiation. At leisure it will not be superfluous to find out about the services of the site .

2. Strained glass. This type of glass is obtained using additional heat treatment, due to which it has improved mechanical and thermal characteristics.

3. Laminated glass. Such glass can have two or more windows that are interconnected by a layer of special resin or laminated film. Laminated glass boasts excellent soundproofing characteristics.


4. Sunwalling glass. A special coating is applied to the surface of such glass, which contains metal oxide. Such glass provides additional protection to the room from exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation.

5. Pattering glass. One of the surfaces of this glass has decorative processing. Use such glass in the production of stained glass.

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