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If a spark is gone on the road

by miamigardens

Sometimes even small, violations in the ignition system can disable the engine and break all the driver’s plans. What to do if this happened on the highway, the main thing is not to panic, first you need to check which spark between the electrodes on the candles. If the spark is very weak or it is not at all, then the reason is in the ignition system. The most interesting thing is that the spark disappears when you need to go on urgent matters. The search for a malfunction begins with a capital inspection of wires and blocks of the ignition system. In cases of detecting particles of water, dirt, sand, wires and blocks are wiped with a dry rag. Then they open it, the fuse of the fuses watch whether there are broken fuses. It is also necessary to know that the wiring should be well isolated and neatly laid and fixed with special pistons. Do not allow the touches of the wires to the muffler collector. Make, the control control of the engine sometimes happens that this is enough. If the miracle did not happen and the engine still refuses, remove and clean and burn, all the candles. Examine candle wires, and tips and contacts in case of insulation violation temporarily insulate with insulating tape. Profitable and reliable, . Optimal prices. Visit the site

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