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Using personal protective equipment

by miamigardens

All protective equipment must be put on pure hands exclusively. With contaminated skin of the hands under the mittens and gloves, favorable conditions for the penetration of microorganisms and harmful substances into the human skin are created.

When working with a large mobility of the fingers, mittens with two attacks should be used or gloves use gloves instead.

When working in conditions of low temperature for rubber gloves, it is allowed to wear fabric.

When using dielectric gloves, special attention should be paid to ensuring that they do not have any damage (cuts, punctures, ruptures, refinements) and were not wet.


With damage to gloves, their dielectric strength decreases. To identify through holes and tears of gloves before each use, you should experience tight.

This is done as follows: the glove captures (blow) the air and tightly clamp it at the cuff. In the presence of damage, the air comes out of the glove. To protect dielectric gloves from punctures and cuts, when contacting wires and tools, it is recommended to wear leather gloves, tarpaulin mittens or knitted gloves on top of them.

Put on dielectric gloves on the hands of the full depth, pulling the bell over the sleeves of the clothes. It is unacceptable to let the gloves of the sleeve of clothing on top of the gloves or wrap the edges of the gloves.

Every six months, dielectric gloves must be subjected to electrical tests.

All overalls, including gloves after work, is recommended to carefully clean and launder from production pollution. This will ensure not only hygiene, but also extend their service life.

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