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Features of painting the facade of the house

by miamigardens

The quality of painting the walls of the house depends on the preparation of the base. The surface should be strong and primed. To check the strength of the base, you need to glue a piece of tape on the wall and then tear it off. If there are no pieces of the base on the adhesive tape, the wall can be treated with a primer and painted. To improve the condition of the walls, you need to close the cracks. The old paint should not exfoliate. Sections with an exfoliation coating need to be cleaned. In case of damage to the paint on a large area, it must be removed. You can use the sandblasting apparatus to remove painting. As a primed solution, you can use a paint diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Before painting, the primer should dry completely. This is usually required for about a day. For applying paint, a brush, roller or spray gun is used. The tool is chosen depending on the consistency of the paint and the texture of the surface. When working with the roller, the flowing of the coloring composition is reduced. Textured walls are painted with a brush with long bristles. The spray gun is suitable for painting the bases of any texture. Work is carried out in dry weather. To paint the house, you need to install forests or construction scaffolds, since it is not very convenient and even dangerous to perform the facade from the stairs and even dangerous.

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