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Septic tank solving sewage problems outside the city

by miamigardens

Wastewater disposal is a problem that faces

owners of private houses. The system helps to solve it,

specializing in wastewater treatment – a septic tank for the house

or cottages.


Residents of the city problems associated with wastewater disposal, unfamiliar. These are engaged exclusively utilities. But the owners of summer cottages and cottages outside the city are faced with this problem as soon as they decide to finally settle there. Various methods are used to solve the problem – the device of the cesspool or installation of a dry closet. But the most effective is a special system – a septic tank for the home.

The septic tank is an installation that cleanses sewer drains of various types – from the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, washing machine. Thus, the home septic tank plays the role of local sewage.

Today the market offers a large number of such installations – a septic tank for a summer residence, a country house. All of them differ in the design of the treatment plant, recycling frequency and type of work – there are systems working with electric energy consumption and independent of it. Moreover, regardless of their design and type of work, all installations act in several stages. The first is rough cleaning, the second is biological endure. Septic tanks of Neanore additionally also carry out chemical water purification. The result of the work is clean water safe for the environment and the complete absence of unpleasant odors.

Moreover, it is in the septic tank that gross cleaning occurs – the first stage of action. Wastewater falls into a three -chamber container, where they settled on its bottom. Here the precipitate is subjected to partial hydrolysis and becomes food for anaerobic bacteria. Passing through several of these chambers in the container, the water is completely freed from the sediment.

How to choose the right septic tank

When choosing an installation for wastewater treatment, it is important to take into account the main aspects:

• characteristics of the soil on the site. If it has a high absorbent ability, you can install an absorption site. Otherwise – filtration.

• Household efficiency volume. It depends mainly on the number of those living in the house. Installations with low performance (from 750 l/day) are suitable for families of 2 people. If the inhabitants are 10, an installation with a capacity of 2000 liters per day is necessary.

• Local norms.

• Protective distances.

• level of groundwater.

Depending on these indicators, you need to buy a septic tank for a summer house or at home. And today you can find a system that will make constant living in the city comfortable. Such systems include Septic Nerd with a chemical endure of drainage.

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