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Cut the hole for ventilation

by miamigardens

Very often, becoming the owner of real estate, its owner over time comes to the fact that there is not enough ventilation in the room. Most often this is found in the houses of old buildings. Then you have to mount the ventilation yourself and, accordingly, make a hole under it.

To do everything right, you need to know a few nuances. Do not forget to make the design of fire protection systems after preparing a ventilation hole.

Firstly, ventilation should be placed only in places where the air requires cleansing most of all: it is a kitchen and a bathroom. Before proceeding to create a hole, it is worth measuring the device itself for ventilation and, based on this, apply the outline to the wall in the place supposed to ventilate.

Secondly, in order to drill a hole you need a coronal stall drill (you can buy in any construction store in the diameter that you need).


In the center of the drawn circle, it is necessary to make a mark and drill a hole in this place with a conventional drill. This point will subsequently become a guide for a crowned drill.

You need to drill such a drill very carefully, directing it slightly down. After the drilling work is over, you need to carefully knock out the cut section of the wall. After that, it will already be possible to begin installation of ventilation devices.

And do not forget to provide yourself with protective glasses, respirator and berushi for the duration of work!

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