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Friendly landscape or let your garden smile at your neighbors

by miamigardens

Many of us live in communities, but we are united not by acquaintances, culture or relatives, but by geography and economics. Yes Yes! Cottage villages, country towns and even Townhouse – all these are peculiar communities. But instead of knowing our neighbors since childhood, as was customary earlier, today we are not getting to know them at all. To create a sense of community, the unification of people is often required or the way to make them get to know each other better. Creating a space where people from the district can better recognize each other, we create a community that is based on friendship, and not just geography.

Let’s look at some basics of landscape design that will help us arrange the front yard, porch and paths in such a way as to help you establish communication with your neighbors.

1.  Drop the shadow on the paths.

Plant the trees along the paths where the sidewalk is placed in order to create a pleasant atmosphere of an open field, but a secret path that is interesting to walk. Encouraging walking in your garden, you can invite your neighbors for walking and communication. Trees provide protection from the sun and rain, in addition, in urban areas, trees help to soften urbanization and provide connection with nature. In addition, an open space not planted by trees opens a review of the whole environment, not giving you solitude on your site. This, as a rule, annoys people, and unreasonable negative towards neighbors is the last thing we want to get.


2.  Set the fence a little further from the main road.

Reduce your site by a meter or one and a half, by creating a fence a little away from the main road and a little closer to the house. Plant the flowers from the outside of the fence on the remaining area and bring the straight path from the house, through the gate to the main road. Plants provide visual interest for pedestrians, but the fact that they grow not behind the fence, but in front of it, add the interest of neighbors in your house. This is a beautiful design idea and a good psychological technique.

3. Add a free library.

You can place something like a free library at the entrance to your house in order to create a reason to communicate with neighbors and atmosphere of mutual assistance. Free library is a small house the size of a small cabinet where you put books that you have already read and are ready to share with others. You can also leave some other things here.

4. Light the site.

You must have provided a good light interior of a country house. The landscape organization of the site should also include high -quality street lighting. Illumination of paths, trees, roof visor, all entrances and so on. This is necessary for your safety and the convenience of evening walks.

5. Create a zone for social communication.

Buy garden furniture, if possible, get a grill or street fireplace. In any case, even basic plastic furniture for the garden will help you receive guests in getting to know your neighbors.

Good luck in your social activity. Rejoice each other and help your neighbors.

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