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The prototype Alfa Romeo 4c again fell into the lenses of cameras

by miamigardens

One year and nine months ago at the Geneva International Motor Show, Alfa Romeo removed the cover of the 4C Sports Coupe Concept concept.

Information from the Italian automaker has already received information that the car can debut this year. However, at the moment, the probability of this is extremely small.

The leadership of Alfa Romeo said that this could happen somewhere in 2013, but it must be taken into account that the company, as a true representative of Italy, is never trying to answer for its words.

Today, our photographers-shpions sent us curious photos. They captured a camouflaged test prototype 4C Sports Coupe, located on the side of the road. Since it is difficult for us to believe that the 4C driver stopped on the grass for relaxation, we can only assume that the sports car flew beyond the route due to the pilot error.


Recall that Alfa Romeo 4C will receive a light body, a 2.0-liter turbocharged power unit, which produces over 200 horsepower, and a memorable exterior design.

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