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Garden lamps on sunny batteries

by miamigardens

You decided to give the light accent to your garden, but you do not want to dig trenches for the cable – then garden lamps on sunny batteries are ideal for you.

This invention was created according to the technology of accumulation of solar energy and its transformation into electrical. Lamps have a built -in, rechargeable battery – a battery, the charge of which is enough for uninterrupted, long -term lighting throughout the night.

Sado -luminaires on solar panels are fireproof, environmentally friendly, resistant to weather conditions, durable, convenient and easy to operate. They are ideal for lighting objects located far from the mains.

You can decorate your plot, garden paths, flower beds or ponds – just sticking the lamps into the ground and not think about replacing burned out bulbs.


Some varieties of garden lamps on solar panels, made using the latest technologies, have a built -in movement sensor and multi -colored LEDs.

The lineup of garden lamps is very diverse, which will allow each client to choose the perfect option for your personal plot.

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