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by miamigardens

In order for the flooring to be fully protected from moisture, which can come from the external environment and basement, the floor is waterproofed. Because without a waterproofing layer, concrete floors will be destroyed over time, and wooden floors will begin to rot. If the house is built in a zone with an unfavorable climate, then you simply can not do without waterproofing. There are several methods of waterproofing, about which we will tell you. First, we pay attention to plaster waterproofing, which is several layers of cement mortar with polymer additives. The advantages of this method of protection against moisture are the simplicity of work and the widespread use of this method of waterproofing.

If you are going to move to the newly built house soon, then take care of the appropriate microclimate. To make you always comfortable and good, you need to buy air conditioning, and install it in the room. When buying, pay attention to that installation work is included in the price and are provided for. It is best to buy air conditioners only at reliable retail outlets or order a manufacturer.

Enough waterproofing consists of roller and sheet materials, which together form a waterproofed carpet. Such waterproofing can be of three types: polymer, bitumen-rolled and bitumen-polymer. These three methods are selected depending on the conditions. Such waterproofing should not be subjected to loads. Therefore, it must be protected by a concrete or brick structure from mechanical damage.

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