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How to deal with body corrosion

by miamigardens

Most motorists have the first place the question of how to protect the car body from corrosion. Only preventive work can be applied to the new car, and that car, the body of which is already in corrosion, must be used to stop corrosion stops. So that the body is reliably protected, it needs to be careed, polished, washed. The bottom must be treated with a solution with polyvinyl chloride plastisol, but it should also be borne in mind that under the influence of gravel, sand, salt and the factory sewing will also begin to gradually collapse. There are special pockets in the wings, and they are constantly clogged with dirt, that’s why these places must be filled with bitumen mastic. Before taking any measures to eliminate corrosion, you first need to prepare these places. To get started, the body must be washed well with water, then we clean the surface of the dirt. Using a metal brush, it is necessary to remove the old coating. After these actions, it is necessary to degrease this place with a white spire, since the mastic with metal clings only on a low-fat surface. But before proceeding to apply a new coating, the place must be treated with a rust converter. This processing will stop the chemical processes of the old rust, and it will not spread anymore. By the way, it should be borne in mind that bitumen plastic is not designed for severe frosts, in addition, it does not tolerate the effects of gravel and sand. In order to eliminate such a lack of material, it is necessary to apply a small layer of wax solution to its surface. As a result of everything, a reliable, strong mixture is obtained, which will protect the body even at the lowest temperatures. Conducting a preventive inspection of the car body and, if possible, eliminate corrosion that has appeared, you will help that your car will be in working condition for a long time. You are interested ? Details on the site:

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