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Preparation for wiring in the house

by miamigardens

Over time, the wiring in the house wears out and in order to be sure of the safety of living in life, you need to replace it. It is also possible to engage in a new electric cable in a new building if you are not satisfied with the branch of the network or the quality of the laid cable (it is worth noting that in the new building is one of the works that should be done first, since it will not be possible to replace the wiring in the future without spoiling a new repair ). By the way, if you want to order the assembly of the kitchen Leroy Merlin, then we advise you to follow the given link. There you will find a lot of useful and interesting information about Leroy Merlin’s kitchen and find out the cost of assembly.

The main preparatory stages for this work, from which further construction of plans for the installation of the electrical wiring in the house is carried out, create a schematic plan for the branching of the future electrical wiring.

The compiled plan should contain approximately the following points:

The calculated load on the electric cable (the thickness of the cable depends on this point, but, as a rule, in almost every house the load is the same).


The schematic pattern of the branch of the network (helps to determine the approximate length of the cable) indicating the sockets and switches depending on the location of the electrical appliances.

Distance from floor to sockets and switches.

The number of sockets and switches.

This plan will help to correctly and quickly complete the installation work.

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