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Varieties of garden paths

by miamigardens

From improvised material: sand, small broken brick, crushed stone and slag, fill paths. A ditch is fucked by a width of sixty centimeters, twenty -five depths, the bottom of which is hidden by significant fractions of the material, compacted and watered with water. The second layer is a smaller slag, sand or crushed stone, and again watered and rammed. In restrictive borders, as a rule, paths from gravel need, so as not to clog the garden and did not crumble in different directions. On well -tamed soil, a layer of up to twelve centimeters of gravel is laid. Such paths serve for a long time and are not expensive, but it is difficult to carry a cart along such streets and it is not possible to clean them from snow and ice in winter.

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Based on well -tamed gravel or crushed stone, bitumen paths are performed. To make their appearance neatly, they build formwork, two centimeters above it are laid a layer of asphalt mass. Clims, give the form of a convex shape in the middle part, for water drainage. Concrete paths are reliable and durable, they do not need additional care. You can easily build smooth transitions and any winding paths. They are carried out convex, with a small slope. So that the concrete coating does not destroy when water freezing, grooves are performed, on the sides of the track.

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