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Reinforced concrete columns

by miamigardens

Large modern construction sites very often use reinforced concrete columns. Most often they act as supporting parts in the building.

In case of an increase in the load, such columns must be strengthened. Strengthening the reinforced concrete column must also be carried out in case of any damage to them, which indicate that the column can simply collapse in the near future. If you have a need to strengthen reinforced concrete columns, then the specialists of our company are ready to do all this. Our company has long been engaged in this activity. For all the time of our work, we have accumulated a large supply of both theoretical and practical knowledge that we successfully use and implement in life.

To enhance reinforced concrete columns, we use special clips that significantly increase the operational qualities of the columns. The clips used by us can be metal and iron. It is worth noting that due to the use of both the first and second types, the following is achieved: the deterrence of transverse deformations, as well as part of the vertical load, is not distributed to enhanced elements.

In any case, both steel and iron clips perfectly enhance reinforced concrete columns.


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