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Which paint to choose

by miamigardens

Wall painting is not only a beautiful appearance, but also the protection of the surface from different external negative factors. Therefore, during repair, it is important to correctly approach the choice of paint.

In order to choose it correctly, first you need to find out everything about the properties of the paint. The first main property that you need to pay attention to when choosing a paint is its hiding ability. Paints that have a low hiding capacity will create a translucent layer that will need to be covered many times with new layers. It will be enough to paint the surface with high covering ability only 1-2 times. Also, paints are divided into glossy, semi -gloss and matte. There are also ultra -empty colors that do not burn out in the sun at all, and the color of the walls remains the same saturated. In addition, there are paints on sale that do not leave the drones, they are called tixotropic colors.

Let’s move on to the classification of paints. Paints in composition can be silicate, oil, acrylic and others. All these colors have their own specific properties, and the choice depends on which surface you need to paint. In addition, there are paints of antiseptics and antipyrene.

Antiseptics protect wood from beetles and rotting it, so this paint is used to paint wood. Paints – antipyrers withstand high temperatures, they are called fire retardant. Paint happens, both colorless and color. This paint is used for painting wood near furnaces, pipes and other elements with high temperature. In construction stores you will always be told which paint to choose according to your needs.


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