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Roman curtains

by miamigardens

What did modern builders do not invent for decorating rooms, windows and doors. These are blinds on the windows, and all kinds of decorated partitions from polystyrene panels. But, despite the great abundance of material for decorating rooms, there are a lot of developers to give their premises originality and the old species return to ancient ways to decorate their rooms. Now the production of PVC windows has reached a new level and companies offer consumers high -quality and environmentally friendly plastic windows at low prices.

One of these original ways to decorate the windows of the house is decorating using Roman curtains. These are swearing curtains with simple lifting devices to raise and lower them. Roman curtains are made mainly of more dense types of matter, which, when they fold, create original wavy patterns. For the installation of Roman curtains, complex devices are not required to raise and lower them. A device for raising curtains can be purchased in stores. And strengthening the lifting system is not difficult. The lifting system of Roman curtains consists of a lifting mechanism and a cornice, which is attached to the wall above the window. As a lifting mechanism, a very simple cord system and a set of rings are used, which are sewn to the edges of the curtains in such images that wavy folds are created when raised on the curtains. For Roman curtains, the material is selected under the interior of the room so that it does not stand out from the general style of the room. Also, for Roman curtains, you can use combined material. The material that is most suitable for Roman curtains is a silk, velvet, helical and floral fabrics that create wavy folds when collecting.

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