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Basic errors in construction

by miamigardens

Typical errors in the construction process can be very expensive. Let’s analyze the main mistakes, which will save your money and nerves.

Drawing up an accurate construction plan avoids many problems in the future, related, in particular, with markings. It is necessary to carefully study the drawings and find out what sizes in them are indicated: the sizes of the walls or foundation, external or internal, or sizes according to the axes. Not uncommon when a larger foundation than walls. This stage is extremely important, the slightest error can lead to a distortion of the sizes of rapidly vegetable buildings and further construction.

One of the common errors is insufficient attention to waterproofing, vapor barrier, windproofing, thermal insulation of the building. Which can lead to the rapid destruction of the foundation and walls, the appearance of discomfort in the building, etc. D. It is important to remember about the ventilation of the roof that is better to do with the crate, or the attic can serve as an exit, which will be well ventilated.

Remember that the elimination of construction errors is always expensive. Underwear work can affect not only the appearance of the building, but can also bear serious consequences in the future.


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