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Materials for insulation

by miamigardens

Insulation, now this type of construction work is so in demand that the masters who do this work, sometimes the sequence of work is built a few months in advance. But (sorry, distracted from the topic), the conversation is not for them, but for, what building materials are used.

The first material in this list can be considered the usual minute of cotton wool, this material is widespread, and has a sheet shape, the usual size of the sheet is 1000mm – 500mm – 50mm, but other dimensions are also found. The lack of this material is its installation. It should be used either inside the wall or after its installation is closed by another material used in finishing work.

The following material is a wool of ursa, this material is common as thermal and sound insulation, has two types. Namely rolled and leaf. Today it is very often used in rooms where the finish occurs using drywall plates. It is also used in the work on the facade of the building, but, as in the above version, it must necessarily be closed by other finishing material (siding, plastic).

Foam is probably the most common material for insulation now. It is used both by a separate element of the wall and the filler of other materials. If used as the main material, it should be processed using other building materials included in the technology of work. These finishing materials are not expensive.


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